Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Red Ventures

Red Ventures continues their partnership with the Port City Dodgeball Shootout and the Cape Fear Council for a 2nd year.  We thank them for their gracious support to the youth of our communities in Southeastern North Carolina.  We are looking forward to seeing them this Saturday at the tournament for a great time.

Live Oak Bank

We want to thank Live Oak Bank for their excellent friendship and support of our Tournament and our local Scouting Program.  There are a lot of great community minded people that work there to make a difference in our communities every day. 

Friday, March 6, 2015






Dodgeball Advantages $20 each:  All teams can purchase Advantages before each game.  One Advantage can be used per game (3 per match)

  • Sentinel: Invincible extra team member in hula hoop safe zone for 30 seconds per match
  • Blue Balls: 2 Blue Balls automatically awarded to your team at beginning of match.  No out for your team if caught by other team when thrown.
  • Ringer: A Pro Dodgeball player added to your team for 1 round

Dodgeball Mulligans $10: at any time, produce a paid for Mulligan and any ousted player can re-enter an active game.  All teams can purchase Mulligans before and during the games.  Up to 2 Mulligans can be used per game (6 per match)

Additional Activities:

50/50 Split Cornhole Tournament: 2 players per team compete in this single elimination tournament for the chance to split the pot with Port City Dodgeball.  Proceeds go to support the local Boy Scout program.

Prize Raffle $5 per ticket or 5 for $20

Tips for Increasing the Fun

This is a charity event and is intended to be a lot of fun.  Here are some suggestions for how you can get them most out of your Dodgeball Shootout experience.

  1. Make up a team name and wear it proudly.  Get jerseys made, match your shorts, team Mohawks are a bonus.  Have some fun, lighten up!!!!
  2. Purchase Advantages & Mulligans.  Give your team an advantage and can allow you to stay in play longer.
  3. Come up with a team cheer.  We will be giving awards (don’t hold your breath hoping for a trophy or cash) for the best/loudest cheers
  4. Invite friends and family.  Make this a fun experience and bring along others to cheer you on to victory.
  5. Be a good sport and meet new people.  Yes we know your competitive juices will start to flow but remember, this is a charity tournament.  We want everyone to have a great time so encourage your team members to be good sports.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tournament Updates

For 2015 the Port City Dodgeball Tournament will be adding a lot of new features to our event.

1st Place team will receive $1000 cash prize

Best Team Uniform Award

Door Prize raffle

50/50 Cornhole tournament

And to add a new twist and to help even the playing field we will be offering each team the opportunity to purchase unfair advantages for set periods of time during their matches.  

Register your team today to guarantee your spot on the courts. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2015 Tournament is coming up fast!!!

Our planning committee is already hard at work recruiting the leadership team for the 2015 Port City Dodgeball Shootout.

Mike Kenney, Tournament Chairman
We are proud to announce Mr. Mike Kenney, Vice President of Sales for Castle Branch Inc., as the Chairman for this tournament.  We are excited to have him on board and look forward to a organizing great event for all of our players and sponsors.

Does your company have young professionals or junior executives that are looking for opportunities in career development, community involvement, and non-profit stewardship?  We welcome them to join our council of leadership to grow the Port City Dodgeball Shootout.  Please feel free to contact Matthew Bull, tournament advisor, by email at matthew.bull@scouting.org for more information.

Blue Waffles Decimate Opponents

The Blue Waffles are the Champions of the 2014 Port City Dodgeball Shootout.  Congratulations to them for taking home the much coveted Patches O'Houlihan Trophy.

Photo by Jesse Fath/StarNews Media

The winners of the Dodgeball Tournament are the Blue Waffles at Courts & Sports Bar and Grill on Saturday, April 5, 2014 in Wilmington, NC. The money raised from this event went supported the local scouting program in Southeastern North Carolina. Allen King, Jordan Massengill, Jonathan Brookshire, Steve Hamilton, Eric Griffen and Ryan Gause, left to right. (Photo by Jesse Fath/StarNews Media)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Patches O'Houlihan Trophy

The prized Patches O'Houlihan Trophy is in.  Dodge the most balls and your team can with this majestic masterpiece of trophy technology

Yes, that's Patches in a wheel chair down there.